Main Course

Plantain and Beans

This meal is also known as red-red in Ghana which is enjoyed by many all over the continent. This is an all vegetarian meal which is palm oil based stew served with fried plantain hence the name “Red-Red”. Let’s get started with some fun stuff, this meal is very easy to make and I assure you will enjoy the process.








Banku and Tilapia

Banku and Tilapia is a traditional Ghanaian dish that is very common amongst all regions in Ghana. Banku is basically a mixture of corn dough/flour mixed with cassava dough/flour. It can be eaten with various sauces such as stew, hot pepper sauce, soup etc. Tilapia is a river fish that is a delicacy in Ghana. It can be used for stew, soups and also eaten by grilling, baking and frying.










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